Somapagmahal photo mxntorship workshop on portraiture and consent –

How did the use of consent in taking photographs affect your photography? How did the presentation today affect how you took photos?

“Brown In The Sunshine” by artist Erina Alejo

The ROSE Participants checked out the exhibition Brown in The Sunshine at Bindlestiff Studios and had a small discussion about the selection of photographs in the exhibition

About the exhibition, Brown In The Sunshine:

Curated by Erina Alejo and SoMapagmahal Photography Mxntorship Program, Brown in the Sunshine is a multidisciplinary exhibition that centers and celebrates life as SOMA Pilipinas youth in the sunshine.
Sunshine is symbolic in childhood, particularly for the lived experiences of youth in SOMA where the sun’s rays illuminate our community cultural wealth. Sunshine embodies our intergenerational joys and struggles in advocating for our SOMA Pilipinas community against displacement and gentrification. Like affordable housing, accessible public parks and spaces and equitable education, sunshine has become a limited commodity in the high cost of living, concrete and technology that encompasses our SOMA neighborhood. 
Brown in the Sunshine celebrates SoMapagmahal’s three years of centering SOMA youth narratives through works by the program’s youth artists, including, most recently, their civic engagement with defending and protecting our local and historical Victoria Manalo Draves Park. The exhibit also features archives from artist, educator and SoMapagmahal co-founder Erina Alejo and their family’s organizing work with SOMA Pilipinas, most notably, with Filipino Education Center’s Galing Bata Afterschool Program from the 90s to the present. 
In dialogue, the youth artists and Alejo’s works centers resilience, resistance and possibilities. As audiences, we are constantly humbled by the generosity and empathy of our youth artists in engagement of one another as cultural producers in community and self-advocacy. The exhibition embodies being Brown in the Sunshine– a phrase referencing Roy Ayer’s 1976 classic, “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”.

7/3 W3D1: Power of Art and Design Part 1: Photography

12:00PM Meeting place: Bindlestiff Studio, 185 6th St, San Francisco, CA 94103. See Exhibition, Brown in the Sunshine by Erina Alejo and SoMapagmahal (30 min)

12:30 Lecture on Portraiture & Consent and alternative histories of SOMA through the lens of local photographers (Tony Remington, Chris Fujimoto, Rick Rocamora, Anth Bongco, Janet Delaney, Erina Alejo)(60 min)

1:30 Walk to Victoria Manalo Draves Park, 16 Sherman St, San Francisco, CA 94103 (10min)

1:40 Eat at VMD (20min)

2:00 Photography Workshop with SoMapagmahal Photography Mxntorship Program at VMD (40 min)

2:40 (closing)

Save Little Masantol. Photography by Erina Alejo, 2018.